Top 10 Paintball Fields around the World

Typically paintball fields look like unexciting collections of old shipping pallets, tyres and dead trees, but there are some really insane themed paintball fields that are so offbeat that you are sure to have the time of your life playing there. Here is out list of top10 incredible paintball fields not to be missed.

1. Real Life Movie Props - Hollywood Sports, California, USA

This is one of the most themed paintball fields in the world featuring great training course, Cajun Terror, Mad Max, Korea, Lunar Wars and much more.

2. Crazy Scenario Fields - CPX Paintball, Chicago, USA

A whole town of bedlam was started in 2000 from scratch, complete with a destroyed arena based on a warhammer 40,000 bunker, jungle fields and more.

3. The Town of Bedlam - CPX Paintball, Chicago

Chicago's World Famous Paintball Park offers the ultimate paintball excitement in the two-story, ten-block The Town of Bedlam, complete with quaint little shops, the turn of the century buildings, park benches, mailboxes and streetlights that will take you back to the time long gone.

4. Paintball Theme Park - Hot Shots Paintball, Australia

These themed park boasts some great fields too, including movie themed fields like "Battleforce Pacific", "Fortunes Glory", "High Noon Hold Up", "Assassin in the Ruined City", "The Guantlet", "village water tower challenge", "Dr Evils Laser" and "Mission Impossiball" that look pretty awesome.

5. Real Life Nuketown Paintball Field - Paintball Explosion Illinois

This incredible field that looks exactly like in the game recreates the nuketown map in popular first person shooters.

6. Paintball on a Real Life Military Base - The Paintball Park, Camp Pendleton, San Diego

The field where major pro teams regularly train, this one is among the best in the world complete with fortresses, military helicopters, tanks and bunkers.

7. Home of the Predator - Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields, UK

Featuring a number of themed fields, even an ewok village, and a predator running around this place should be definitely checked out.

8. Paintball in an Abandoned Mental Asylum - Auckland, New Zealand

Once an insane asylum that stood abandoned and locked up for over 20 years, this is currently one of the most haunted buildings in New Zealand that is home to themed paintball arenas such as "The Killing House", "Lock Down Ward" and "Tyre Mania".

9. World's Largest Paintball Castle - Paintball Ridge, MO

Just fancy a real castle, in fact, the world's biggest paintball castle, built to offer tons of fun and excitement to paintball fans.

10. Anther Huge Castle - Blitz Paintball, Colorado

This epic paintball field features castles, helicopters, military vehicles and more, with no chance to feel bored.