Ryan Greenspan

Name: Ryan greenspan

Number: 18

Position: Mid

Born: February 15, 1982 in Sebastopol, CA

Live: San Diego, CA

Best paintball moment: when we won cars at the very first spyder cup in Pennsylvania.  That put us on the map and sent us on a frenzy of paintball tournaments.

Worst paintball moment: haven’t had one yet…

Paintball idol: myself

Favorite bands: Jay-Z, Sneaky Sound Systems, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead

Favorite Movies: Captain Ron, Land of the Lost

Favorite foods: Round Table Pizza, steak

Previous teams: KAPP Factory

First paintball experience: Mare Island Paintball field with some of my friends.

Words of Wisdom: Always try to have a good time, cause if you are not having a good time then you’re not having fun, and fun is important in order to live!

Favorite thing about paintball: traveling the world with some of my best friends.

What do you do when you’re not playing paintball: Relax and wait for my next flight to take off!

Other sports: Slip and slide (winter time) Snowboarding, frisbee, bike rides on the beach, and Surfing

Pets: I had some fish, but they went to a better place.

Superstitions: please don’t think that wearing the same underwear without washing them is a good idea!!

Role Model growing up: my mother

If you could meet anyone who and why:

Favorite place you’ve been and why: South America in general because the food is amazing, the people are nice and it is usually cheaper and really warm!

Place you’d most like to go: Antarctica, The only continent I have not been to.  I really want to see Everest as well. I don’t want to climb it, I just want to see it!

Favorite video game:

Favorite Tournament: Huntington Beach or any event in San Diego.

Other interesting stuff: If anyone or any team would like to do a training clinic with me or anyone on Dynasty, please contact me at ryan@dynastypaintball.com

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