Alex Fraige

Name: Alex Fraige

Number: 7

Position: Front Man

Born: Nov 5, 1982 in Reno, NV

Live: Mil Vally, CA

Best paintball moment: Winning Spyder Cup

Worst paintball moment: When Yosh smashed my toe one time in Las Vegas.

Paintball idol: Markus Nielsen

Favorite bands: Lady GAGA, Tool, Puscifer

Favorite Movies: Big Lebowski

Favorite foods: Pizza

Previous teams: Monkeys, Loftey, Diggers, KAPP Factory, Ironkids

First paintball experience: Halloween Paintball big game at Mare Island CA.

Words of Wisdom: Confucius say, “Go to bed with itchy butt wake up with smelly finger”

Favorite thing about paintball: Getting to spend time and have fun with my friends.

What do you do when you’re not playing paintball: Skiing, Artwork, Watch the internet.

Other sports: Skiing, Frisbee with Ryan.

Pets: 3 cats.

Superstitions: Never talk down on a playa.

Role Model growing up: Dad

If you could meet anyone who and why: I would like to meet Gangis Kahn so I cold ask him to be on our team.

Favorite place you’ve been and why: Bali Indonesia, because it is a beautiful enchanted place where I had great fun with my homies.

Place you’d most like to go: Alaska, for skiing.

Favorite video game: Goldeneye 007

Favorite Tournament: Huntington Beach

Other interesting stuff: Keep your eyes on the center of the field…

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