Glenn Takemoto

Name: Glenn Takemoto

Number: 925

Position: Mid

Born: April 24, 1984 in Walnut Creek, CA

Live: San Diego

Best paintball moment: Winning my first pro event and first overseas event (England)

Worst paintball moment: When the team I started and came up through the ranks with broke up (KAPP Factory)

Paintball idol: Dynasty

Favorite bands: Everything

Favorite Movies: Funny ones

Favorite foods: Fried foods

Previous teams: KAPP Factory, Avalanche, XSV, Infamous

First paintball experience: Mare Island with my dad and brother playing with a pump gun

Words of Wisdom: Play the game for the fun of it!

Favorite thing about paintball: the memories you will keep forever

What do you do when you’re not playing paintball: school

Other sports: golf, snowboarding, anything physical

Pets: none

Superstitions: none

Role Model growing up: parents

If you could meet anyone who and why: The President. Why not?

Favorite place you’ve been and why: South Africa, it was a really cool place

Place you’d most like to go: Alaska, and all of Asia

Favorite video game: MWZ

Favorite Tournament: Huntington Beach

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