Best Places in America to Play Paintball

Playing paintball guarantees incredible fun and excitement. It offers players the chance to feel what it's like to be part of a video game. There, on the field, they can experience the thrill of the chase, the euphoria of victory and the adrenaline in excess.

Of course, it's possible to play paintball right in the back yard, but it's much more fun to do it in the special paintball arenas, equipped with the obstacles and hiding places. Playing the game on the paintball field adds a great deal of fun and excitement, making it truly unforgettable experience that is sure to let your imagination run wild. Luckily the U.S. boasts some of the best paintball fields in the world and below is our top list.

Paintball Explosion, Illinois

1. Paintball Explosion, Illinois
Paintball Explosion features 6 main courses designed for paintball, laser tag, and airsoft. The themed zones recreate settings from well-known video games. The most popular among the visitors is the Nuketown field that looks exactly as the map in Call of Duty. The park features test dummies and school busses that are replicas of those from the popular first person shooter game. If you’ve dreamt of playing Call of Duty in real life, there is no better place to do it than in Paintball Explosion.

The Paintball Park, California

2. The Paintball Park, California
For the once in a lifetime paintball experiences head to Camp Pendleton for a game on a real life military base divided into several authentic themed zones. The park features army tanks, copters, and fuel bunkers that create a perfect scene for the most unique paintball game.

Skirmish USA, Pennsylvania

3. Skirmish USA, Pennsylvania
Located in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, Skirmish has a huge area of over 700 acres divided by more than 50 zones. Such incredible amount of play space offers tons of opportunity to have lots of fun. You can play paintball surrounded by nature in the woods. Those who love military tactics can master their shooting skills there, with forts, helicopters, and tanks around. Among Skirmish’s grounds are a mock cityscape and two castles. Skirmish features not only a number of zones, but also annual events. The most popular of them is "The Invasion of Normandy", an attempt to recreate the historical battle that attracts about 4,000 players each summer (see more about Skirmish).

Blitz Paintball, Colorado

4. Blitz Paintball, Colorado
Blitz Paintball located just outside of Denver is famous for its gigantic castle as a top tournament zone. Only the most experienced professional paintball players dare to tackle this medieval setting with few obstacles to hide behind. If you’re ready for a challenge, you are sure to put your skills to a test there.

CPX Paintball, Illinois

5. CPX Paintball, Illinois
For a truly unique paintball experience consider visiting CPX Paintball in Chicago. It offers some of the most unique zones in the world, including immersion into the atomic age surrounding. The most notable zone is the Town of Bedlam with streets lined with facades of quaint shops of the 50's in America. The mysterious environment of the Town of Bedlam makes players feel as if they were in a retro ghost town. In addition, CPX features an Armageddon zone, a Wasteland Zone, and a Jungle that looks like Indiana Jones film sets.

Hollywood Sports, California

6. Hollywood Sports, California
If you've always wanted to play paintball in the setting of your most favorite movie Hollywood Sports in LA is the place to go. This paintball facility is truly unique as it is the only field that offers the opportunity to play paintball inside of the sets from the movies. Known as the most themed paintball parks on the globe Hollywood Sports features the duplicated sets of films like Mad Max, as well as simulated video game sets, including Black Ops Canyon.

D-Day Adventure Park, Oklahoma

7. D-Day Adventure Park, Oklahoma
The adventure park in Wyandotte offers both a regular course of paintball year round and a special event called D-Day that draws the biggest crowds. D-Day is a paintball festival that lasts the whole week. Each year it has a different theme, with a new set of mini games and missions offered for the participants every day. The experience one would get there is truly memorable and definitely deserves a trip to Oklahoma.

Apocalypse Paintball, Wisconsin

8. Apocalypse Paintball, Wisconsin
Currently Apocalypse features 16 themed playing zones, but the paintball park is constantly adding more. The facility features zones of different size, targeting players with different levels of efficiency. The smaller areas are designed for beginners and large fields cater to the needs of people who love the sport at the grand scale. Apocalypse Paintball is best known for its magnificent 40,000 square foot castle with seven towers, secret hiding places and a large catwalk. This fortress serves as the perfect ground for any scenario game you can envision.

The United States boasts great many notable paintball fields that offer unique immersive experiences. The paintball facilities mentioned above are surely not the only places where you can play an excellent game, but they are definitely the best. So just grab your paintball gear, call your friends and hit the road for the most exciting game ever.