Best Paintball Strategies

Any successful paintball player relies on a set of proven and time tested paintball strategies that help achieve the best results. In fact, serious players never stop learning and it means that they constantly add new ones as they become more experienced on the field. Below you will find some of the most commonly used […]

Paintball Safety Rules and Precautions

Safety Rules It is not allowed to wear shorts or T-shirts during the game. All players are required to wear long sleeve shirts and full-length pants. Arms and legs must be covered during play. During a game, one must wear goggles at all times by any person on the playing field and never removed for […]

Basic Rules of Paintball

There is one person designated as a referee for each paintball game. The referee starts and stops the game. He decides the issues which may arise and who ends the game. The referee has a whistle and it does not pay to contradict the decisions of the referee, as they are final. A player is […]

The New Indoor Paintball Facility Open in April

Soon Wilmington will expand its already crowded arena of attractions by adding a new one – Crossfire Paintball, an indoor paintball park. The brand new 15,000-sq.-foot climate-controlled facility is to open in April off Castle Hayne Road. Owner Kirk Walsh, who graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, thinks there is a market for […]