Paintballing for Kids

'Young Guns' is the best paint balling for kids located in the U.K. and London. Delta Force paintballing hosts junior paint balling outings, parties, and school trips for 10-13 year olds as well as 14-16 year olds. Although, any size groups are welcome. The children's are carefully supervised at all times during, before and after games. Safety is the highest priority. Delta Force's safety record is outstanding. Additionally, they are reputable for organizing an awesome kids play day.

Kids registration forms are required to be filled out by every player at arrival with additional parent consent forms for children under sixteen. The Delta Force team will be waiting to help any child or parent who needs help completing the forms. The forms are also available online to be pre-completed in order to save time at the arrival gate (see more about Delta Force).

Young Guns

Once entered into the base camp it is time for each child to find the best fitting gear. The Delta Staff will be present to help fit each child. At this point parents are welcome to leave. Although, we do recommend for parents who have children under the age of fourteen to attend the entire day. There will be informational pamphlets available with guidelines detailing the child's entire day at paintball base camp so that the parents can stay informed.

After all of the children have been fitted into their gear then the safety presentation will begin. Kids as well as parents will need to pay very close attention to the safety rules. The presentation does not last very long but it is of high importance. Following the presentation all of the safely googles will be checked that they are securely in place. Delta Force is unique for their google system that completely enclosed the child's head in a hard plastic shell, because the head is completely congers it is impossible for the goggles to slip off or down. In short, their eyes will be completely protected at all times. Then the children will be summoned to get into their teams by the color of their arm band.

Now it is time for the kids to enter the carefully marked gun zone to receive their paintball marker. Paintball guns must remain inside the gun zone at all times. The markers are issued from the gun zone before each game and collected back immediately after each game in the gun zone. All players will be supervised closely throughout the entire day and a closer eye will be kept on the younger guests.

After the first six game we break for a pizza lunch then resume again for another six games. Players are kept in rank throughout the day and a prize ceremony will be held at the end of the day. Each players score will be reviewed and then certificates will be given to each winning team and also to each runner up.

Each Junior Day is all inclusive and begins at 9:15am until approximately 4:30pm. The price depends on how many paintballs are purchased. 100 paintballs a person is $14.99. 300 paintballs a person is $24.99. 500 paintballs are $34.99. Each package includes twelve to fourteen games, your choice of paintball game zone, 24/7 supervision, exclusive full head google system, full protection body armor, the most up to date USA semi automatic - rapid fire machine guns, unlimited supply of gas propellant, award ceremony, full liability insurance, and 24/7 professional service.