The History of Paintball

The game and evolution of paintball began in the late 1970s, when the Nelson Paint Company developed a gas operated gun and marking pellets for a variety of industries including forestry and ranching.

These guns and pellets were used to mark trees for removal or cows from the herd and anything else that required putting a semi permanent mark on an object from a distance. Two friends, Charles Gaines and Bill Guernsey, created the game of paintball. The two of them figured out that a marking gun in a set of rules would allow people to test their individual skills against each other. These two friends found the Nelson Paint Companies guns and developed a set of rules for what they called survival games. In 1981 Charles and Bill along with 12 other friends played the first ever paintball game using these industrial paintball guns (see more about Top 5 Paintball Guns) on a field of over 100 acres with no mass or safety equipment (see more about Top- 5 Paintball Masks). After this first experimental game the originator's gave the name to their concept calling it" the national survival game". This name reflected a small group of friends getting together in the woods to play elimination games. The friends broke into teams to play each other but most paintball games were every man for himself. Over the years paintball has become much more sophisticated. Different game variations began to form in the most popular paintball game became "capture the flag". As people grew interested in paintball so that the development of the commercial paintball industry. The first paintball outdoor commercial field opened in 1982 and the first indoor field followed in 1984. These fields allowed large groups of people to meet and play in one place. Paintball business owners were pushed to develop new and exciting ways to keep the players entertained. Today paintball now graces new stands with numerous publications and even has several television shows broadcasting the sport.